Mentor Medical

Port Detection Device

Client: Mentor Worldwide

• Product Development
• Industrial Design
• User Interface Design
• Design Research

The Detector is part of a two-stage breast reconstruction system that consists of the temporary tissue expander, and a follow-up permanent implant. After a mastectomy, the temporary tissue expander is surgically inserted into the patient’s breast pocket to encourage tissue growth and to create a space for a permanent implant. Over a several month period, a saline solution is injected through a port located in the implant. The Detector is used during office visits to electronically locate the port on the tissue expander. Six LED arrows on the top of the device direct the physician to the port. Once the port is sensed, depressing the large blue button temporarily marks the patient’s skin, indicating the injection point. The Detector’s shape allows the physician to grip it comfortably without covering the LED array. 

Awards: IDSA Medical Design Excellence, Chicago Athaeneum Good Design